The Cathedral of Thorns introduces… Mimi van Bindsbergen!

The Cathedral of Thorns introduces… Mimi van Bindsbergen!

Be sure to visit us and experience the magnificent Cathedral of Thorns for yourself.
With a total of 45 international and local artists and counting, displaying their art in the Cathedral of Thorns, we are very pleased to welcome and add yet another artist to our gallery.

Mimi van Bindsbergen
“I am a collector, not only of objects, but also of impressions. Like an archaeologist I walk through the landscape in search of depths and layers of time, the history, by intensely using my senses, feeling and tasting the atmosphere.”

All the impressions Van Bindsbergen acquires, sometimes captured with a camera or notebook but largely with her memory, she processes to paintings or sculptures in her studio. Her impressions transform on the canvas and become connected with the places she has visited. Some of her paintings portray an image like an actual archaeological find. In some of her earlier works she would use iron wire and shards of clay, working outside the boundaries of the canvas. Shaped or modeled forms emerge from the canvas. “It is important that the canvas radiates a certain force. It’s not just about the form, but even more about the mysticism that surrounds it.”

Title: Sweet & Sour
Wooden box 30x30x5cm Acryl and Conte. Front is back and vice versa.

The union of two worlds. I have always lived near or just over the border of the Netherlands. And because of that, I was always conscious of ‘the other side’. The front and back of the art shows this.
The colors primarily represent Curaçao with the elements of water and the fierce radiance of light.
The dynamics, the energy in everything. Your connection as a human with your surroundings.

Moving along with the rhythm that is all around you. Consciously see everything through different eyes. The perpetual reflection between you and the world. The figure seems to ripple over the waves. True? At first, yes! But there is also a moment of unsettledness. Actually, it is both.

Cathedral Labyrinth by Night – Friday, February 26

Cathedral Labyrinth by Night – Friday, February 26

Cathedral Labyrinth by Night

Friday, February 26  –  6:30 pm

View a short documentary about the making of the Cathedral and take a tour of the labyrinth by night. Enjoy the art exhibition inside the Labyrinth and experience the ode to the free spirit with the light of life shining from within the thorns.

Limited seating. Buy your ticket in advance at The Art Factory (Next to Restaurant Number TEN) and Landhuis Bloemhof.

AFL. 20.00

Entrance and Parking : Restaurant Number TEN

Social distancing rules apply.

Immersive Curaçaoan artwork wins Two CODA Awards 2020

Immersive Curaçaoan artwork wins Two CODA Awards 2020

WILLEMSTAD, CURACAO – The Cathedral of Thorns, a labor of love created of 25 million spikes, has won two CODAawards2020. Not only was the huge Cathedral selected as the winner in the Landscape category, but the innovative artwork also took home the prestigious People’s Choice Award.

Dutch Caribbean artist Herman van Bergen started work on the grand project eight years ago on the island of Curacao. Wanting to demonstrate the futility of religious strife, his vision also included a focus on the original Curacaoan inhabitants, the Caiquetio Indians. The CODAworx jury praised the Cathedral of Thorns for the way Van Bergen and hisvolunteers “created an actual building out of native shrubs, and in the process, honored Mother Nature and the Free Spirit.” 

The immersive work, towering up to 60 feet above the visitor, is surprisingly real in a time when all platforms are forced to go virtual. It was officially opened in February 2020 with a theater performance reflecting Curacao history, curated by well known Curacaoan director Felix de Rooy of Curacaoan film cult classic Ava & Gabriel fame. For Van Bergen, the international recognition by CODAworx signals “the importance of the project, subsequently raising consciousness on how we treat our planet, each other and ultimately ourselves.”

As part of the CODAawards2020 prize, the Cathedral of Thorns will be featured in the summer of 2021 as part of the bi-annual CODAawards winners exhibition at the Octagon Museum, located on the grounds of the American Institute of Architects’ Headquarters in Washington, DC. By then, flights between the US mainland and Curacao may have resumed and the art work can be visited in person, a feat currently made impossible due to measures instituted to curb the spread of covid-19 


NOTE: For additional information please contact Daisy Casimiri of Fundashon di Artista at +5999 526 6349

Art & Music Heal All Wounds-concerts a big success

After a sold out concert on June 12 with Banda Krioyo Nobo we had to close down for a while due to COVID-19 regulations. The planned performance on June 26 of he Yumarya Grijt & Friends was postponed to July 10. What a blast this performance was!

We are so happy to be able to show you the beauty of the Cathedral of Thorns again and continue with our series: Music & Art Heal All Wounds.

New Concert

So, we are happy to announce the 3rd concert of this series: Típiko Dulce Esperanza will perform on July 24 at 7.30 pm. Please check our agenda for details. 

Art & Music heal all wounds starting Friday June 12

Friends of the Cathedral,
Art & Music heal all wounds
Stay tuned for more information…  
From next week 12th of June we will start organizing small-scale music performances with a limited audience. Little by little we hope to welcome you all back to the Cathedral. 
Banda Krioyo Nobo,  Arjen de Graaf violin, Vernon Chatlein percussion, Enrico Henriques, piano  
We hope that everyone is doing well and that you are safe and healthy. The Corona crisis has seized the world, and no one could have imagined the enormous consequences it would have for all of us. 
The Labyrinth Cathedral of Thorns is not just another community project. It is an achievement of unprecedented scope, a manifestation of the good in humanity, an Ode to the Free Spirit. COVID-19 suddenly disrupted everything and we almost saw all our hard work of eight years go up in smoke.
But we won’t give up that easily! During the past few weeks of lockdown, the predominant feeling was the desire to carry on as soon as possible and start shaping our ‘new normal’. Now that we are out of lockdown, with your support we can slowly begin doing that. Nobody knows what the future holds, but we only have one choice here and that is to go on! We can’t let this project fail, especially now. Because the world so desperately needs this hope and perspective.
Or call Daisy + 5999 526 63 49  

Closed for two weeks

Dear Friend of Bloemhof,

Landhuis Bloemhof will temporarily close to the public starting Tuesday, March 17. All upcoming programs are cancelled or postponed.

This decision was taken due to the recent developments with the Corona virus on our island. Landhuis Bloemhof is a gathering place for many people and we are taking this precaution because the health and well-being of our staff, community, and visitors is our number one priority. We are closely monitoring the situation and will inform you via social media, our website and our mailing list.

We apologize for the inconvenience but feel we have to act responsible on behalf of all.
We hope to welcome you back to Landhuis Bloemhof soon. And please take all necessary precautions to keep you and yours safe.

Team Landhuis Bloemhof

The Cathedral Speaks

I was officially celebrated, honored, inaugurated, all my sumpinas in a row, adored, beloved, admired. And after the great opening, which felt my prickly fingers reach out to artists, performers and musicians, the magic kept on coming. No longer am I merely the backdrop for nice pictures, a décor for humans doing what humans do. No, I sang! And the whole month of February, I was filled with musical vibrations, high frequency performances, of the dark and the light. I saw humans losing themselves in my labyrinth, and finding themselves in eachothers’ arms. It’s a great gift, to see the world from my perspective.

February was a peak month for me. I don’t often address you directly, as an entity, and many of you may not be aware that I have a life and consciousness of my own. But, yes, as the Cathedral of Thorns, I am my own being, with my own unique perspective.

 As February changes into March, my creator Artist, who many of you know as Herman, and his partner in crime, you call her Daisy, keep the fire burining. The Work continues, so I can reach ever higher, my arms ever stronger, like the sumpiña filled wings of the Angel rising up to my third eye during the Inauguration. I hope to see you again, I hope you’ll keep coming to me, supporting the Work.