The Cathedral of Thorns

The Cathedral of Thorns is a full building-sized illuminated labyrinth on the Caribbean island of Curaçao. Visitors are invited to walk through its corridors and experience an artistic journey through a troublesome history toward a bright future; both sides represented by the hostile yet beautiful thorns. To raise consciousness of the similarities between religions, the design includes symbols of today's world religions and ancient nature-based religions. The walls have niches containing objects of contemporary art by guest artists, expressing mankind's ability to change, share and collaborate through creativity. In addition, the labyrinth also functions as a stage for performances. The Cathedral of Thorns was designed by Herman van Bergen, winner of the prestigious Cola Debrot Award in 2016, and was constructed by unemployed youth. This work of art (in progress) unites all themes of Van Bergen's previous thorn-art sculptures into one expansive project: a building honoring Mother Nature and the Free Spirit that achieves change through creativity.


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Cathedral of Thorns by Night 


Cathedral of Thorns by Night 

Every first Friday of the month 19.00hr

Dear friends of the Cathedral of Thorns,

Join us for the Cathedral of Thorns by Night Every first Friday of the month.

Exhibition and tour are from 7.30 pm till 9 pm

The Cathedral of Thorns by Night, has been made possible by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribisch Gebied.

Please R S V P / limited seating + 59995266349

Presale tickets are available at The Zumpiña Shop (on the premises of Landhuis Bloemhof ) & at Landhuis Bloemhof during the day (9 am – 12 pm) or at / app: +59995266349



Cathedral of Thorns by Night – Friday 3rd of June and Saturday 11th of June

Cathedral of Thorns by Night – Friday 3rd of June and Saturday 11th of June

Friday 3rd of June – Cathedral of Thorns by Night with violinist Arjen de Graaf, Yumarya Grijt; vocals. Rhazul Sebelon, cuarta. Ernesto Paz, bas and Roselin Bey percussion.

Saturday 11th of June – Collin Edson; Tata Stimá. Collin is an artist who belongs on stage and who does not shy away from tackling important undisputed themes in an idiosyncratic and original way”.

Please R S V P / limited seating


Whats App: + 59995266349

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Herman van Bergen

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