Are you looking for a nice and unique present? Visit us now next to Restaurant Number TEN or order your presents online. Looking for more ambience for the evenings? Thorns The Light Within lamps will be available in November 2020.

Order now! It is handmade and needs time to dry. If you prefer a larger size, please feel free to contact us.  *Transport services are not included

Thorns The Light Within Ø 20 / 25 cm ANG 295 / Euro 140


Blocks ANG 550 / Euro 275


Wreaths by Gigi Sumpiña
        Ø 45 cm ANG 125.-/ Euro 62.50          

The handmade lamps, blocks and wreaths are now in the making and stocks are limited. Delivery time is 3rd week of November and 3rd week of December for local use. Great for outdoor decorations during the upcoming holidays. It is original and totally awesome which will give your place a beautiful touch. Lamps can also be delivered in the Netherlands by air freight (10 days) and by sea freight (1 month delivery time).

All shipping costs (packaging, shipping agent, CIF, etc.) are for the account of the buyer. We will coordinate the shipment for a small service fee. 
Be on time because the stock is limited 

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